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Twitter Syntax

Retrieved from the Twitter Lingo page, Friends and Followers.

Send these commands to the appropriate number (below) and interact with Twitter on your mobile phone, via Gtalk (IM twitter at or the web.

Following changes at Twitter this page may need to be updated.


Twitter Canada: 21212
Twitter UK: +44 7624 801423
Twitter USA: 40404
Twitter International: +44 7624 801423


Friends and Followers

  • add: 415-555-1212 john sends a text invite to john
  • follow username: you will get phone updates from this person (requires initial approval)
    • shortcut: F
  • leave username: disables phone updates from this person
    • shortcut: L
  • accept: this command will accept a friend invitation. Example: Accept Jade. NOTE: when you accept, you must type in the name exactly as it was sent to you in order for Twitter to recognize it properly.
  • deny: this command will deny a friend invitation.
  • delete: for now, deleting friends must be done from the web.
  • get: gets recent updates from all your friends
  • get username: gets this person's last update
  • follow all: turns on phone updates (entire friends list)
  • leave all: turns off phone updates (entire friends list)
  • nudge username: encourages this person to update
  • off or stop or sleep: disables twitter phone updates
  • on or start or wake: enables twitter phone updates
  • whois: text WHOIS BIZ to 40404 you will get the info Biz has filled out in his settings

Finding Out Stuff

  • followers: find out who is following your updates
  • stats: find out how many people are following you, and how many friends you have
  • help: sends back a list of twitter lingo commands

To update your own Twitter timeline, just text whatever is on your mind to the Twitter number: 40404, or use +447781488126 if you are outside the US.

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