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Ubiquity Commands


What is Ubiquity

Ubiquity is a Firefox 3 plugin that enables the user to interact with websites and services using simple keyboard commands.

Below is a list of Commands in the wild that support Microformats.

See user-interface for ways in which extensions could or do handle microformats.

Commands in the wild

Microformats Wiki Search

Microformats Extraction commands

Ubiquitiy and Firefox' Microformats-API

It is also possible to use the Firefox Microformats-API directly (with Ubiquity).

Here is a little code snippet:

  name: "count-hcards",
  execute: function() {
    var doc = Application.activeWindow.activeTab.document;	
    var uFcount = Microformats.count('hCard', doc);
    displayMessage( uFcount );

See also

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