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Ubiquity Commands

What is Ubiquity

Ubiquity is a Firefox 3 plugin that enables the user to interact with websites and services using simple keyboard commands.

Below is a list of Commands in the wild that support Microformats.

See User Interface for ways in which extensions could or do handle microformats.

Commands in the wild

Microformats Wiki Search

Microformats Extraction commands

Ubiquitiy and Firefox' Microformats-API

It is also possible to use the Firefox Microformats-API directly (with Ubiquity).

Here is a little code snippet:

  name: "count-hcards",
  execute: function() {
    var doc = Application.activeWindow.activeTab.document;	
    var uFcount = Microformats.count('hCard', doc);
    displayMessage( uFcount );

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