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<entry-title>URL formats</entry-title>

URLs are often defined and represented in various systems as a set of various pieces/parts. This page documents the implicit formats from those systems.


URL specification

The URL specification is perhaps the most canonical source for the names of the different parts of a URL.

1994 http://www.w3.org/Addressing/URL/url-spec.txt

Names are quoted literally, dropping any "The" prefix and "part" suffix.

  • PrePrefix - e.g. "URL:". The portion before the "http".
  • Scheme - e.g. "http"
  • :
  • Internet protocol parts
    • // (until the following /)
    • user name (if present, followed by an @ after optional password (see next field)).
    • password (if present, preceded by a :)
    • internet domain name - e.g. "www.w3.org"
    • port number (if present, preceded by a :)
  • Path
    • search
  • fragmentid - "the hash sign and following"