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* by Scott Reynen
* by Scott Reynen
* [ Tails Export] (Firefox extension) by Robert de Bruin.
* [ Tails Export] (Firefox extension) by Robert de Bruin.
* Jon Hicks has written [ a user stylesheet for Mac browsers] that highlights hCard and hCalendar data.
=== Planning and Discussion ===
=== Planning and Discussion ===

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User Interface

Recently there have been many really good user interface ideas and suggestions for working with microformats. This page serves to collect and document them so that we may be inspired by and iterate on each others' works.



See implementations, and document examples of good UI from there, here.


Browser Integration

From screenshot brainstorms to working plugins, there is a lot going on with browser integration of microformats support.

Screen Shots


Planning and Discussion

Simpler Markup Languages

There are plenty of wiki-formats that attempt to make it easier for more people author semantic markup, often with textually decorative punctuation.

As these simpler markup languages are something that *users* are expected to type, they are user interface.

Markdown extension for hCalendar

See Markdown and the hCal microformat which proposes an extension to the Markdown text markup language to capture and represent hCalendar event semantics in a human editable form.

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