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== related ==
== related ==
* [[parsers]]
* [[debugging-tools]]
* [[debugging-tools]]
* [[implementations]]
* [[implementations]]
* [[tests]]
* [[tests]]
* [[test-suite]]
* [[test-suite]]

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<entry-title>microformats validators</entry-title>

general purpose validators

The following validators will validate multiple microformats on a page:

Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool

Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool it can parse microformats from URLs and output the eventual errors found in the same page. Does not support all microformats data but is in a continuous updating process.


Main article: Optimus microformats transformer and validator

Optimus microformats transformer and validator is a microformats transformer and validator that supports numerous microformats including hCard 1.0, hCalendar 1.0, hReview 0.4 (in progress), hAtom 0.1 (note: hAtom validation issues).

Get the Optimus microformats validator favelet. Blog post: validator browser button.

Please add issues to the optimus-issues page.

specific microformats validators

hCard Validator

Operator Debugger

Main article: Operator Firefox plugin

microformats: hCard, hCalendar

Operator does a good job of compliant parsing for microformats in general, and includes a debug mode that can help identify errors in the structure.


Rel-Lint provides linting and inspection of rel="tag" and XFN (by Drew McLellan)

validator project

There has been a suggestion to host an "official" microformats validator at microformats.org.


  • hCard validator is open-source (BSD-licensed) and extensible enough to support other microformats (it's mostly a matter of hooking up XSLT templates that extract microformat data and find errors). The codebase is pretty clean, UI is internationalized.

Who wants to help make this happen, and what do you need?