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== specific microformats validators ==
== specific microformats validators ==
=== hCard Validator ===
=== hCard Validators ===
<ul><li>'''[http://hcard.geekhood.net/ The unofficial hCard Validator]'''
<ul id="hCard_Validator"><li>'''[http://hcard.geekhood.net/ The unofficial hCard Validator]'''
<div class="discussion">
<div class="discussion">
*It's [http://github.com/pornel/hCardValidator open-source] and contributions are welcome! Please join the project and extend it to support more microformats.
*It's [http://github.com/pornel/hCardValidator open-source] and contributions are welcome! Please join the project and extend it to support more microformats.
* '''[https://foursquare.com/business/brands/offerings/savetofoursquare/tester Save to foursquare tester]''' checks your hCard to see what it can parse from it.
===Operator Debugger===
===Operator Debugger===

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general purpose validators

The following validators will validate multiple microformats on a page:

Bing Markup Validator

The Bing Markup Validator tests for various microformats support, including hCard, hCalendar, and others. Note: 2012-02-03 launch announcemnt: Bing Webmaster Center blog: Webmaster Tools Markup Validation Tool

Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool

The Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool can parse several microformats from a given URL and produces reports showing errors and a preview of what properties it detects. It supports a subset of properties on some microformats, however is continuously updated with more support.

microformats: hCard, hCalendar, hReview, hRecipe, hProduct, rel-author (and indirectly rel-me)

Yandex microformats validator

The Yandex microformats validator parses several microformats from a URL and shows what properties it detects and/or needs.

microformats: hCard, hRecipe, hReview, hProduct

browser microformat readers

Main article: browsers

Mozilla Firefox

Main article: firefox

Mozilla Firefox has several add-ons you can use with microformats, such as Operator.


Main article: operator

Operator automatically detects many of the more common microformats as you browse the internet. Microformats: hCard, hEvent, adr, rel-author

Google Chrome

Main article: chrome

Microformats for Google Chrome automatically detects most of the common microformats as you browse. Microformats: hCard, hCalendar, hReview, hReview-aggregate, hRecipe, geo

specific microformats validators

hCard Validators

Operator Debugger

Main article: Operator

microformats: hCard, hCalendar

Operator does a good job of compliant parsing for microformats in general, and includes a debug mode that can help identify errors in the structure.


Rel-Lint provides linting and inspection of rel-tag and XFN (by Drew McLellan)

validator project

There has been a suggestion to host an "official" microformats validator at microformats.org.


Who wants to help make this happen, and what do you need?

past validators


Main article: Optimus

Optimus is a microformats transformer and validator that supports numerous microformats including hCard, hCalendar, hReview, hAtom (note: hAtom validation issues).

Get the Optimus microformats validator favelet. Blog post: validator browser button.

Optimus validator is not working for the moment

Therefore any page you will check through will return the message: "Microformats at this page have no errors. Congratulations." which is a false message. We will update this message when (and if) Optimus will work again.

Please add issues to the optimus-issues page.


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