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Per the microformats process, this is a page for researching and brainstorming a rel value for linking to a previous version of a page.


use case

To be able to discover previous versions of a document automatically from a document.



revision control systems

Revision control systems (RCS) like:

All have ways of representing previous versions of a document.


Several rel values are being considered for linking from a document to a previous version of that document.

related brainstorming


A related use case is to be able to find the current version of document when looking at an older version. For this, the following rel values are being considered:


MediaWiki pages don't link directly to previous versions, rather they link to a "History" page which then links to previous versions.

We can at least consider brainstorming a link rel to that history page accordingly:

Is there any meaningful way to markup (rel value) links from a history page to the page itself or from a history page to previous versions of the page?

related work


You can already use:


what about rel prev

What about rel="prev" (or "previous")?

rel=prev (and next) are for sequential navigation/pagination, not historical revisions.

Sequential navigation/pagination and historical versions are totally different, both in how the content works, and in usage.

In pagination, each of the pages has different content and is a sequence like a list, or a series of chapters.

In historical revisions, each page (typically) has mostly the same content with just a few changes/differences between versions.

Pagination is often used as an alternative to delivering the content as a whole, e.g. news articles. Whereas you never see previous historical versions all appended together as if that's "the whole thing".

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