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= Voting Examples =
= Voting Examples =

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Voting Examples

The Problem

There has been a good bit of discussion relating to how to represent the intent of a link from one site to another as an endorsement of that site or not. See Kevin Marks on voting (Vote Links) for initial arguments for a way to represent this information.

This page serves to document the current list of voting examples from real world sites for the design of a simple voting microformat. - Steve Ivy



Related Pages


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Real-World Examples

Centralized Implementations

Vote Links

There are a few implementations based on the VoteLinks microformat combined with other technologies:

Example: Vote Links

(from: VoteLinks microformat)

<a rev="vote-for" href=""  
   title="neat spoof">Raging Cow</a>
<a rev="vote-against" href=""  
   title="nasty corn syrup drink">Raging Cow</a>

Existing Practices

See Also

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