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<entry-title>Web sign-in<entry-title>

Use the (Web sign-in) button on a site to sign-in with your personal web address.

When you click a (Web sign-in) button, the site will ask you for your web address, e.g.:

Web address: [...............] (Sign-in)

Enter your personal web address and press return / click (Sign-in).

set up

Your personal site must be set up for web sign-in.

  1. Link from your personal site to your other profiles. Add rel="me" to those hyperlinks. E.g.:

    <a rel="me" href="http://twitter.com/your_twitter_alias">...

rel="me" to links from your home page to your various profiles on other services.
  1. Edit your other profiles, e.g. your Twitter profile settings, and set "Web" ("homepage", "blog") field to your personal site. E.g.

    Web http://yoursite.example.com/

When you use your personal site with web sign-in the first time, your browser will redirect you to to your online profile, e.g. Twitter, and ask you to:

  • Sign-in with your account on that profile (e.g. sign in to Twitter) if you're not already signed-in.
  • Authorize the site to use your account, e.g. your Twitter account:

    Authorize Aaron Parecki's Wiki to use your account?

    This application will be able to:

    • Read Tweets from your timeline.
    • See who you follow.

    ( Sign In )

    Click the ( Sign In ) button and you should be all set.


See the RelMeAuth page for documentation on how to support Web sign-in on your site.