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Work of Art Brainstorming

This page is for brainstorming about ideas, proposals, constraints, and requirements for a work of art microformat.

This is part of a community effort to create a Work of Art microformat. (See also: workofart-examples, workofart-formats.)


  • Tim Gambell

The Problem

Many art museums use metadata to describe the works of art in their collections. However, the presentation of works of art on the web often does not benefit from that formalized categorization work. We'd like to develop a xhtml markup standard for the presentation of works of art on the web.

Solution Proposals

CDWA Lite Strawman

Use class names based on the CDWA Lite 0.9 Work in Progress XML Schema.

This example is based on a CDWA example

<span class="cdwalite">
    <span class="objectWorkTypeWrap">
        <span class="objectWorkType">watercolor</span>
    <span class="titleWrap">
        <span class="titleSet">
            <span class="title">Conway Castle, North Wales</span>
     <span class="titleWrap">
        <span class="titleSet">
            <span class="title">Conway Castle, North Wales</span>
    <span class="displayCreator">Joseph Mallord William Turner (British painter, 1775-1851)</span>
    <span class="displayMeasurements">53.6 x 76.7 cm (21 1/8 in. x 30 1/8 in.)</span>
    <span class="displayMaterialsTech">Watercolor and gum arabic with graphite underdrawing</span>
    <span class="styleWrap">
        <span class="style">Romanticism</span>
    <span class="descriptiveNoteWrap">
        <span class="descriptiveNoteSet">
            <span class="descriptiveNote">This is the largest of Turner's four extant watercolors of this medieval castle on the northern coast of Wales. Turner portrays the landscape and ocean in a dramatic fashion, using angry clouds, sunshine, and roiling waves to animate the scene and emphasize the struggle of the fishermen...</span>
    <span class="locationWrap"> 
        <span class="locationSet">
            <span class="locationName currentRepository">J. Paul Getty Museum (New York, New York, USA)</span>
            <span class="locationName repositoryLocation">Los Angeles (California, USA)</span>
            <span class="locationName repositoryNumbers">95.GC.10.</span>

Unresolved issues in CDWA Lite Strawman:

  • Is the markup prohibitively complicated?
  • Are wrap tags (such as "objectWorkTypeWrap", "titleWrap" etc) necessary?
  • Are display tags (such as "displayCreator") preferable to indexing tags? (See the CDWA Lite XML Schema for a list of display and indexing tags.)
  • What is the best way to deal with attributes on xml tags (such as "type=", "termsource=" and "termsourceID=")?


  • What is the best of the existing metadata schema to use as the basis for the work of art microformat?
  • What is the best way to integrate existing microformats into the work of art microformat? For example, would it be appropriate to use the hCard microformat to identify the artist? To identify the work of art's location?
  • Ryan Cannon proposes that work-of-art could be produced as a special case of the citation microformat.