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=== Currently ===
=== Currently ===
<pre>&lt;html lang=en>
    &lt;title>My calendar&lt;/title>
  &lt;body class=vcalendar>...&lt;/body>
yields something like
X-WR-CALNAME:My calendar
=== Proposal ===
The second line should read <code>X-WR-CALNAME;LANGUAGE=en:My calendar</code>

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x2v is one of the main microformats implementations. The code is managed in an x2v hg repository. BrianSuda and DanC are starting to track issues here. See #microformats discussion 20 Dec.

See also: hCard tests, hCard issues, @@likewise for hCalendar, hAtom...

Hmm... we'd like to give each issue a URI; how about using mediawiki's TOC support? What sort of issue names strike the best balance between convenience and durability?


X2V's php does not correctly check for content-encodings


X2V failed trailing slash in rel-tag (this is now fixed)

FN ORG incomplete

FN == ORG (i don't think) is complete

XSLT case-conversion on Nodes

Firefox seems to convert nodes to uppercase when using local-name(.) and name(.). This can be solved by switching to self::

The downside is that then it will not extract the node name from ANY namespace, but a specific one.

language for X-WR-CALNAME


The X-WR-CALNAME is a widely supported extension property of VCALENDAR that stores the calendar title. It does not currently have a LANGUAGE attribute. It's value is meant to be human readable, so maybe it should.