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XFN Implementations

In addition to the XFN Tools page, here are a few more more recent implementations:

The following implementations have been developed which either generate or parse XFN relationship links. If you have an XFN implementation, feel free to add it to the top of this list.

  • XFN Brazilian Portuguese Translation of XFN Creator to Pt-br.
  • XFN Graph — a multi-platform Java-based tool which creates spider diagrams of XFN relationships from any given starting URL.
  • XFNRoller (to be lifestalker.com) XFN spider and browser focused on using blogs to represent individuals. Exports OPML of feeds for lists such as top 10 most popular people.
  • Flickr now supports hCard and XFN on profile pages. See screenshot of Flickr UI in Flock browser using Flocktails extension - March 17th 2006.
  • Dreamweaver Extension suite from the Web Standards Project enables the authoring of XFN links from within Dreamweaver 8.
  • pnh_mf is a plugin for Textpattern that supports embedding XFN and other microformats in templates and blog posts. Written by Chris Casciano.
  • Videntity supports XFN.
  • ODEO publishes rel="contact" for a user's contacts on their profile page.
  • LL4blojsom is the LinkList plugin for the blojsom blog engine. blojsom, written in Java, is the open source application behind the Tiger Weblog Server that is part of OS X server. The LL4blojsom plugin is used for creating XFN blogrolls.
  • Tagalag Tagalag supports a partial XFN vocabulary.
  • XFN rel Creator This script replaces any links within the designated tags and replaces them with a visual representation of the links. Default set as abbrevations but with CSS it is easy to replace them for images.
  • WordPress has XFN support built-in to its Link Manager function, which is used for generating blogrolls. When in the administrative interface, choose the Links top-level menu item, then choose Add Link. The link form lets you choose which XFN properties you wish the link to have. When displaying the links on the site via any of the standard WordPress template tags, it will automatically format it with the appropriate tags in the rel attribute. (based on XFN Creator)
  • Community Server has XFN support in its blog Link Lists. It allows you to select which XFN tag(s) to use for each link.
  • XFN Search
  • Ma.gnolia supports relMe

XFN Validators

rel-lint by Drew McLellan will validate existence of XFN attributes.

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