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XMDP Brainstorming

This wiki page offers a location to brainstorm methods for discovering microformats.



Bud Gibson

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Tantek Çelik has developed the <a href="http://gmpg.org/xmdp/" title="XHTML Meta-data Profile">XMDP</a> to describe the allowed class attribute values for microformats. A link to a microformat's XMDP in the profile attribute of head element indicates that that microformat may be used in the document. A parser could read the allowed attribute values from the linked XMDP and use their presence in the document to infer that that particular microformat was in use.

There are clearly issues with this approach:

Feel free to add issues here. Keep issues in this list in summary form. Save lengthy discussion and potential solutions for elaboration below.

Addressing issues

These are in no particular order, but an issue should appear in the issues list above if it is addressed here.

Linking to the XMDP

There are at least two additional methods under discussion for linking to the XMDP in addition to the current method of using the profile attribute of the head element:

It should be noted that none of these linking solutions addresses the issue of when exactly the microformat is being used in the document. They only indicate that the microformat may be in use.

Resolving when microformats are actually in use

One solution to this issue is simply to include the <a rel="profile" href="link to XMDP">powered by microformat xyz</a> within the container element for the microformat. The XMDP spec could then specify that when the <a> element is used in this way, it indicates that the microformat is used by the element containing the <a> element.

There are, however, several clear issues with this proposal:

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