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= XMDP Frequently Asked Questions =
= XMDP Frequently Asked Questions =

This page is for documenting Q&A about [http://gmpg.org/xmdp/ XMDP].  The contents here may be incorporated onto a [http://gmpg.org/ gmpg.org] page in the future, so please read the [http://gmpg.org/principles GMPG principles] before contributing.
This page is for documenting Q
If you have a new question to ask, Please consider first asking your question on the [http://microformats.org/mailman/listinfo/microformats-discuss/ microformats-discuss] list.
== Q&A ==
# ''Why should I reference XMDP profiles in my documents?''
#* In order to precisely define the classes and new rel values you are using as being defined by one or more specific microformats.  With an XMDP validator, you will also be able to make sure that you are only using values that have been defined, and this may help catch problems with your content sooner rather than later.
# ''Must content marked up with microformats reference the proper XMDP profile(s)?''
#* At this point we are saying that content marked up with microformats SHOULD reference the proper XMDP profile(s).  This requirement may be changed to a MUST for microformat validity.
# ''How should a crawler or UA interpret an XMDP profile referenced in a document?''
#* Very similar to DTDs.  A crawler or UA may interpret an XMDP profile URL simply as an idenitifier for which it knows is a well-defined microformat vocabulary.  It may also go read that profile URL, and parse it as XMDP, and thus mechanically know which class values are defined, which new rel/rev values have been introduced, and which <meta name> properties and values have been defined.

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XMDP Frequently Asked Questions

This page is for documenting Q