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This is an exploratory page to document examples of business/professional relationships currently published around the web. The Purpose of the studies on this page is to be used as a basis for the creation of an XPN or the extension of XFN. (Which will need to be discussed, there are legitimate arguments for both sides)


  • Kilian Valkhof

Types of sites

  • business community sites (LinkedIn)
  • portfolios
  • client lists
  • digital resumes


business community sites (LinkedIn)

  • LinkedIn
    • Colleague: You've worked with Joe at the same company
      • You managed Joe directly
      • You reported directly to Joe
      • You were senior to Joe, but did not manage directly
      • Joe was senior to you, but you did not report directly
      • You worked with Joe in the same group
      • You worked with Joe in different groups
    • Service Provider: You've hired Joe to provide a service for you or your company
    • Business Partner: You've worked with Joe, but not as a client or colleague
      • You worked with Joe but were at different companies
      • Joe was a client of yours


Portfolio's always have large lists of links to clients. I (Kilian Valkhof) currently define those using rel="client".

client lists

Large lists of clients, mostly the only semantical description is a header that states "client list"


Getting in hResume's water here, but digital resumes often link to client and/or former employers

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