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** writing the sample document
** writing the sample document
** providing styles (but he's not a good designer)
** providing styles (but he's not a good designer)
* Scott Reynen
** could make the backend submission and switcher functionality
== Planning ==
== Planning ==

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Microformats Zen Garden

A CSS Zen Garden for microformats is essential for popular adoption. Getting something that "looks cool" for "free" should be a key attraction for convincing authors to "steal" microformatted data and cut'n'paste it into their own sites, and for that matter, to reuse style sheets for microformatted data as well.

Developers of microformat-savvy tools would also benefit from common idioms for presenting and editing microformatted data (for example, consider the impact of Apple's Address Book person-layout/edit view on many other Mac applications).

Unlike the original Zen Garden, Javascript may also prove essential to unlocking designers' flexibility: people have expressed interest in hooking hCards to maps, or this example of a renderer for hCalendar grid views.

Interested parties

People who would be willing to spend time on the garden.



Open questions

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