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This page is for documenting ideas for extending and adding to h-event



Many existing event sites on event pages show the list of people invited (e.g. Facebook, Google+).

It makes sense that independent h-event publishers would also want to list people that have been invited.

Use-case: the use case is of course sending notifications of invitations, which could be done with webmention. Webmention however requires that the "source" page link (in this case the event post permalink) to the "target" page (the person's home page that's being invited).

Some possibilities for markup inside the h-event:

  • rel=invitee (directly on the hyperlink to someone being invited, works only on event permalink page)
  • u-invitee (directly on the hyperlink to someone being invited, works as an h-event property any place the h-event shows up)
  • p-invitee h-card (on the h-card of the invitee, also works as an h-event property any place the h-event shows up)

Then the event invitation/RSVP protocol overall:

  • A publishes event, invites B & C. Person A publishes an event post which explicitly lists invitations to people B & C (hyperlinked) and marks it up accordingly (see above)
  • A sends webmentions to B & C. Person A's site sends webmentions to B & C with the "source" as the event post permalink, and the "target" being their home page (as hyperlinked from the event post).
  • B & C receive webmention. Person B & C's sites receive the webmention, check that the "source" links to the "target", and then provide notification to their users (e.g. perhaps in a recent activity page on their site).
  • B & C post RSVPs. Person B & C's site provide them with a UI to post an RSVP. They then post RSVPs replying to the event post specifically noting whether they can attend, maybe, or not.
  • B & C send webmentions back to A. Person B & C's site sends a webmention to Person A's event post, with the "source" being the RSVP reply permalink, and the "target" being the event post.
  • A receives RSVP webmentions, updates event. Person A's site receives the webmention(s), checks to makes sure the "source" links to the "target" on each, and then updates the event post with the RSVPs accordingly.


  • Looks great to me! From a uF point of view, I think this covers it. Is this treading new ground in terms of sending webmentions without a reply context? I know some people accept webmentions to their root domain, and other do not as of now. --Bcomnes 22:53, 22 October 2013 (UTC)

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