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Brian Suda

Most of my work dealing with microformats has been in the way of extracting vCards and iCalendars from HTML.

X2V is the XSLT file and application that converts XHTML to a vCard or iCal. It is in constant flux and is evolving as the microformat specification settles down.

Recently, i have also started an open discussion about the construction of a Citation Microformat which can be used as a stand-alone microformat or incorporated into others such as the Resume Microformat

other interesting links

Released into public domain

I agree to release all my text and image contributions (past, present and future), into the public domain*. Please be aware that other contributors might not have done the same, so if you want to use pages with my contributions under public domain terms, please check past contributors' user pages.

"^ Creative Commons Public Domain License, the original at or any later version published by Creative Commons; with either a waiver of rights, or an assertion that no rights attach to a particular work."