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<entry-title>Christophe Ducamp</entry-title>

French speaking, non programmer, I just discovered MicroFormats via ChrisMessina during a pre-BarCamp session in Paris.  
Bonjour. French speaking, non programmer, don't hesitate to call if you visit Paris.

''' a first hCard on this wiki:'''
== Contact ==
<ul class="vcard">
<li class="n fn"><span class="given-name">Christophe</span> <span class="additional-name">G.</span> <span class="family-name">Ducamp</span></li>
<li class="url">[ home page]</li>
<li class="mail">courriel : christophe AT</li>
<li class="adr">
<span class="street-address">1 rue des Poissonniers</span> - <span class="postal-code">75018</span> <span class="locality">Paris</span>- (<span class="country-name">France</span>)</li>
<li class="tel"><span class="type"><span class="value-title" title="cell">Mobile</span></span> : <span class="value">+33</span> (0) <span class="value">632 039 796</span></li>

<div class="vcard">
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<span class="n fn">
<span class="given-name">Christophe</span>
<span class="additional-name">G.</span>
<span class="family-name">Ducamp</span>

''Site web'' <span class="org url">[ Microformats-fr]</span><br />
''courriel''  <span class="mail">christophe.ducamp AT</span>

''Adresse'' <br />
<span class="adr">
<span class="street-address">103 rue Saint Denis</span><br />
<span class="extended-address">interphone 14</span><br />
<span class="postal-code">75001</span> <span class="locality">Paris</span><br />
<span class="country-name">France</span><br />
''Téléphone'' <br />
<span class="tel">
<abbr class="type" title="cell">
<span title="mobile" lang="fr">mobile</span>
<span class="value">+336 03 96 04 92</span>
'''Elsewhere (tests)'''
* claim id card :
* hcard-wiki :
* wiki-node :
''' Goals on this community'''
For the moment :
* some french translations to help to seed a french community "microformateurs" (still opened to [ any suggestions ])
** roadmap to be described and completed [ here in french]
** explore some uses on a [ dedicated wiki-branch]
* catch a better understanding of the perspective wiki-microformats
* think different uses on web-communities
* organize some french exchange in Paris
* be more proactive [[advocacy-fr]]
** ...
'''List of pages translated (to be reviewed)'''
* the list could be updated regularly on [[to-do-fr]]
[ Bonjour vous pouvez bavarder ou laisser un message ? / Hi leave me a message ?]

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<entry-title>Christophe Ducamp</entry-title>

Bonjour. French speaking, non programmer, don't hesitate to call if you visit Paris.


  • Christophe G. Ducamp
  • home page
  • courriel : christophe AT
  • 1 rue des Poissonniers - 75018 Paris- (France)
  • Mobile : +33 (0) 632 039 796

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