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=== URL ===
=== URL ===

== Presenter ==
== Presenter ==
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*[[User:Adactio|Jeremy Keith]]
*[[User:Adactio|Jeremy Keith]]
*[[User:NeilFord|Neil Ford]]

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Microformats Skillswap

With Jeremy Keith.


As part of the ongoing Brighton Skillswap events, Jeremy Keith will roll up his sleeves and hands-on with microformats. This won't be a presentation. Instead, this workshop will take full advantage of the intimate setting to answer specific questions and get everyone marking up with microformats within a couple of hours.

This skillswap will take place in one of the training rooms at 28 Kensington Street and there will be a limited number of places available. As always, there is no admission charge but preference is given to past speakers and people willing to speak in the future... it's all about the sharing, folks.




Please add your name here if you are attending the skillswap.

Session Comments and Q&A

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