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== attendees ==
== attendees ==
* [[User:RyanKing|RyanKing]]
* [[RyanKing]]
* [[User:Brian|BrianSuda]]
* [[BrianSuda]]
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Half-Day Tutorial

May 16th, 9:00 - 12:30, Volmer 3

Microformats from the Ground Up

Instructors: Ryan King, Technorati, Inc. and Brian Suda

Description: Microformats exploded in popularity throughout 2005 and will likely continue to grow in 2006. While the ideas behind microformats are not new (there are similar proposals regarding semantic XHTML going back to 2000), the Web appears to have grown up to the point where using semantic markup is now feasible.

Technologically, Microformats is about structured, semantic, idiomatic (X)HTML. There are formats for personal and corporate contact information, events, reviews, and voting (among others) and work on formats for citations, syndication and tagging.

In this tutorial we will walk attendees through the specifics of microformats, from the most basic to more complex formats (hCard, hCalendar, hReview, xFolk). Along the way, we'll explain the principles of microformats, the concepts of Semantic (X)HTML and ideas for the future of the web. Discuss the design patterns and principles that inform the creation of microformats, which we have discovered through experience in the 2 years that we've been developing microformats.

By the end of the tutorial, participants will be knowledgeable enough to implement and publish microformats in their own applications, sites and content management systems and will hopefully be inspired to contribute to the community of web developers who are shaping the future of microformats.


Planning segment

This is where we will brainstorm our ideas for this presentation

Stuff to cover

  • history
  • principles & philosophy
  • XMDP Profile document
  • More semantic elements and attributes (table axis/headers)
  • How to Style Microformats with CSS
  • formats
    • rel-tag
      • demo
      • sample
      • discussion
    • rel-directory
      • demo
      • sample
      • discussion
    • rel-license
    • votelinks
    • hcard
      • demo
      • sample
      • discussion
    • hcalendar
      • demo
      • sample
      • discussion
    • xfn
      • demo
      • history
      • ideas
        • identity reconiciliation
    • hresume
    • hatom
  • Real-time examples, mark-up the speakers page with hCard & XFN and/or an audience members site.
  • Q & A

New since we last updated

  • Live Clipboard
    • Description
    • Demo?
  • Citation microformats
    • how the process works
      • what went right, what went wrong
    • future work