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= Food Item Examples =
Restaurant menus can be found scattered
== The Problem ==
''What is the purpose of this exploration?''
== Participants ==
* [User:AngeloGladding]
== Real-World Examples ==
''Links to public web pages, either popular or insightful''
=== [ The Crepe Vine] ===
    <span class="menu2">APPETIZERS</span>
    <p align="left">IMPORTED CHEESE PLATE & BAGUETTE ..........13<br>
    TUNA TARTARE&nbsp; ..........8
    fresh tuna with roasted shallot aioli, and lotus chips
    BRUSCHETTA ..........8
    tomato, garlic, basil, chevre, olive oil and balsamic on crostini
    STEAK TARTARE&nbsp;        .......... 12
    Horseradish aioli, caramelized shallots, and potato hash
    BABY BEET SALAD&nbsp;  ..........11
    candy cane baby beets, sherry vinaigrette and herb goat cheese
=== [Example #2 (] ===
  escaped &lt;tags>
== Existing Practices ==
* ''Summary of common patterns discovered''
* ''Other attempts to solve The Problem''
== Proposal ==
* Early drafts
* ''Link to related pages as they become available''
** -brainstorming
** - proposal
** -microformat
== See Also ==
* ''Other microformats''
* ''Normative references for tags used''

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