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<h1>hCalendar cheetsheet</h1>
<h1>hCalendar cheatsheet</h1>

[[hcalendar|hCalendar]] properties and how to use them.

*'''vevent''' (1)
==Properties (Class Names)==
**''category'' (4)
**[[class]] (3)
**description (3)
**[[dtend]] ([[datetime-design-pattern |ISO date]]) (3)
**'''[[dtstart]]''' ([[datetime-design-pattern |ISO date]]) (1)
**duration (3)
**location (3)
**status (3)
**'''summary''' (1)
**[[uid]] (3)
**url (3)
**last-modified (3)

*'''vevent''' {1}
:1 - '''Single occurrence required'''
:2 - '''''One or more, required''''' (n/a)
:3 - single occurrence optional
:4 - ''zero or more occurrence''
**[[dtend]] (ISO date)?
:[square brackets] - common list of values (n/a)
**'''[[dtstart]]''' (ISO date) {1}
:(data format)
**'''summary''' {1}
**rdate !
**rrule !
**attendee !
**contact !
**organiser !

==Related pages==
==Related pages==

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hCalendar cheatsheet

hCalendar properties and how to use them.

Properties (Class Names)

  • vevent {1}
    • category*
    • class?
    • description?
    • dtend (ISO date)?
    • dtstart (ISO date) {1}
    • duration?
    • geo?
      • latitude?
      • longitude?
    • location?
    • status?
    • summary {1}
    • uid?
    • url?
    • last-modified?
    • rdate !
    • rrule !
    • attendee !
    • contact !
    • organiser !


Based on Perl's standard quantifiers:

bold {1} MUST be present exactly once
italic* OPTIONAL, and MAY occur more than once
+ MUST be present, and MAY occur more than once
? OPTIONAL, but MUST NOT occur more than once
[square brackets] list of common values
(parentheses) data format
# comment
! awaiting documentation



  • Coordinates MUST use the datum of WGS84.
  • If latitude is present, so MUST be longitude, and vice versa.
  • Coordinates MAY be combined a single <abbr> element; then the latitude and longitude MUST be separated by a semicolon in the title attribute and latitude MUST be first:
<abbr class="geo" title="37.386013;-122.082932">home</abbr>

Related pages

This specification is a work in progress. As additional aspects are discussed, understood, and written, they will be added. These thoughts, issues, and questions are kept in separate pages.