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<h1>hCard examples in the wild, with problems</h1>
This page is an '''informative''' section of the [[hcard|hCard specification]].
The following sites have published [[hcard|hCards]], which are either invalid or problematic.
==Guidelines for use==
Entries may be moved here, from [[hcard-examples-in-wild]], if there's a problem with the way hCards are used on the page concerned. If the page is yours, and you want to improve it, see the [[hcard-faq|hCard FAQ]], or raise any queries on [[hcard-issues|hCard Issues]] or [[mailing-lists#microformats-discuss|the mailing list]], where people will be happy to help you.
Please consider distinguishing problems as:
* '''invalid''' - the hCard is invalid and cannot be parsed by a parser for any information due to the problem.
* '''suboptimal''' - the hCard is technically valid, yet either has one or more properties that have no data due to a markup problem (e.g. adr without children), and/or there is data inside the hCard markup which ''could'' be marked up with an hCard (sub)property but isn't.
* '''hidden''' - one or more of the hCard's (sub)properties are hidden via CSS or other mechanism and are thus potentially out-of-date or vulnerable to being labelled as spam by search engines.
==Examples with problems==
Please add new examples to the *top* of this section.
* [http://www.brownbook.net The Brownbook - the open yellow pages] The Brownbook is a peer-produced (like a wiki, but not a using a wiki engine) local business search website.  It Uses hCard to allow users to export local business contact details to Outlook or other desktop apps, plus for providing detailed maps from Google.
** Example of a search results page: [http://www.brownbook.net/business/search/?tag=hair+in+egham&x=21&y=4 Hairdressers in Egham]
*** '''suboptimal''': Adresses, e.g "2 Station Rd North, Egham, Surrey", are marked up as <code>street-address</code>
** Example of a single business's details [http://www.brownbook.net/business/view/122516 The Hair Emporium].
*** '''suboptimal''': Adresses, e.g "2 Station Rd North, Egham, Surrey", are marked up as <code>street-address</code>
* [http://onyomo.com/ OnYoMo] uses hCard markup for all addresses listed in their local search results.
**'''suboptimal''': Uses <code>fn</code> not <code>fn org</code> for business names, e.g. [http://onyomo.com/localSearch.html?SearchString=ATM&Search.x=0&Search.y=0&loc=&city=delhi] [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]] 01:46, 12 Jan 2008 (PST)
* [http://www.Sylphen.com Sylphen] is a IT-solutions-provider and uses hCards on the [http://www.sylphen.com/content/kontakt/kontakt.htm Contact]
** '''invalid''' two of the three examples lack the required <code>fn</code> or <code>fn org</code> property
* [http://www.airfix.com/stockists-and-distributors/ Airfix Stockists and Distributors], e.g. [http://www.airfix.com/stockists-and-distributors/?postcode=b1+1bb&root_rid=1&search.x=0&search.y=0&search=search]
**'''suboptimal''': <code>street-address</code> contains street address, locality and region (e.g. "99 Hobs Moat Rd, Solihull, W. Midlands")
**'''suboptimal''': <code>postal-code</code> and <code>country-name</code> include preprended commas
**'''suboptimal''': <code>fn</code> is used; should be <code>fn org</code>
** [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]] 16:22, 19 Sep 2007 (PDT)
* [http://lazylibrary.com LazyLibrary] uses author hCard's on every book page. Example: [http://lazylibrary.com/book/0751370576]
** '''suboptimal''' Example has <code>fn=Dorling Kindersley, David West Reynolds</code> (would also benefit from hReview). [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]] 02:57, 4 Sep 2007 (PDT)
*[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Templates_generating_Geo Wikipedia templates generating Geo]
**'''hidden''' - for example [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Minnesota_State_Parks List of Minnesota state parks]; [http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Alberta_Highway_60&diff=prev&oldid=157308650 Alberta Highway 60]
**NOte also removal of hCard properties, e.g. [http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Gaudi_Buildings&diff=prev&oldid=157704557 List_of_Gaudi_Buildings]
* [http://mapquest.com Mapquest] now supports hCards for business and places in the search results (e.g. [http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?searchtype=address&country=US&searchtab=home&formtype=address&cat=Whole+Foods&city=san+francisco&state=ca search for Whole Foods in San Francisco])
**'''suboptimal''' Entire address in "street-address". [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]]
* [http://www.boltonmuseums.org.uk Bolton Museum and Archive Service] uses hCard on its
**[http://www.boltonmuseums.org.uk/about/contact/ Contacts] page
***'''invalid''': Several have no "fn" [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]] 08:33, 21 Aug 2007 (PDT)
**and on each of its visitor attractions pages e.g. on the [http://www.boltonmuseums.org.uk/visiting/findhallthwood/ Hall i' th' Wood location page].
***'''suboptimal''': Malformed "email" & "tel" [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]] 08:33, 21 Aug 2007 (PDT)
* [http://www.reefscape.net reefscape.net] Personal blog page that has a hidden hCard in the about section on every page. A vCard can be downloaded using the Technorati service.
* [http://www.cosmotourist.com www.cosmotourist.com] and [http://www.cosmotourist.de www.cosmotourist.de] A new German and English portal around travel tips. Using hidden hCard for hotel listings, wherever address data is available.
* [http://www.venncommunications.com Venn Communications System] uses a hidden hCard sitewide.
* [http://www.last.fm Last FM] has hCards hidden on their profile pages e.g. [http://www.last.fm/user/Crok/?scrobbling=t1].
* [http://krisswatt.co.uk/ Kriss Watt] has hidden an hCard his blog footer.
* [http://www.fberriman.com/ Frances Berriman] has a hidden vCard in the footers of her website.
* [http://www.candlescience.com/ CandleScience Candle Supply] added a hidden hcard sitewide.
* [http://www.meryl.net/ Meryl K. Evans] has a hidden hCard on her homepage.
* [http://www.highflyerscareers.com High Flyers Careers], India's first flight-crew placement agency uses microformats for their [http://www.highflyerscareers.com/corporate/ corporate information] page. Using standards couldn't be easier or better.
**Has honorific prefixes as part of "fn", rather than marked up separatley.
* Spotstor.com eg - [http://spotstor.com/] uses hCard on profile pages (where user has elected to show contact information).
* [http://soap.stanford.edu/ Stanford Online Accessibility Program] has implemented hCard on every page
**positioned off screen via CSS [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]] 15:09, 9 Apr 2007 (PDT)
* [http://www.belkin.com/pressroom/releases/uploads/10_09_06SportCommand.html Belkin Press Release] - All Belkin  press releases since October 2006 use hCard and vCard for company contact info.
**One of the three hCards in invalid (no "fn") [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]] 16:50, 2 Apr 2007 (PDT)
* [http://www.rayberndtson.com/en/worldwide-offices/ Ray & Berndtson], a global recruitment firm, are listing all of their offices worldwide as hCards, e.g [http://www.rayberndtson.com/en/worldwide-offices/western-europe/united-kingdom/ UK offices].
** All invalid: no "fn". [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]] 07:05, 31 Mar 2007 (PDT)
* The imprint of [http://www.hsg-kl.de/impressum/index.php Hohenstaufen Gymnasium Kaiserslautern]
** No <code>adr</code>. [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]] 12:10, 3 Mar 2007 (PST)
* [http://www.alexa.com Alexa Internet] marked up its [http://www.alexa.com/site/company/managers managers' page] with hCard.
**Person's job title within "fn". [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]]
* [http://www.naturalengland.org.uk/press/default.htm Natural England] (new UK government agency, formed 2006-10-01).
** No "fn" - which makes it invalid.
*[http://drop-off.co.uk G3:2] uses hCard with geo tags in the copyright and on the about me page
** Address data is hidden using CSS.
* [http://zdnet.co.uk/misc/contact/ ZDnet Contact Us Page] supports [[hcard|hCard]].
** by [http://www.subtleasafish.com/ James Myers] and [http://www.fromthefrontend.co.uk/2006/11/23/zdnet-uses-microformats/ David Long]
**Images and e-mail addresses are hidden; telephone numbers do not comply with [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E.123 E.123]
* [http://gbraad.nl/ Gerard Braad] has published an example on his [http://gbraad.nl/site/?p=profile profile] page that is almost consistent with his original [http://gbraad.nl/files/gbraad.vcf vCard] file. Also progress is made for transforming his [http://files.gbraad.nl/foaf.rdf FoaF] file to a hCard encoded representation (also done for my spouse:[http://spouse.gbraad.nl/site/?p=profile Yong Yuan])
** (2005-09-27) PASSED, PASSED
*** uses 'n given-name' and 'n family-name' instead of nesting the given- and family- names inside the 'n'
*** has one 'tel' value with a bunch of values stuffed in
*** probably more problems --[[User:RyanKing|RyanKing]] 17:19, 5 Jan 2006 (PST)
* [http://kinrowan.net/ Cori Schlegel] [http://kinrowan.net/blog/wp/archives/2005/07/08/a-problem-with-the-structured-blogging-plug-in-for-wordpress/ discusses how he has updated] [http://kinrowan.net/blog/contact his contact page with hCard]
** INVALID - using 'prefix' instead of 'honorific-prefix' and type's in classnames (in both adr and tel) and has two photo's (the second could be 'logo') --[[User:RyanKing|RyanKing]] 15:15, 5 Jan 2006 (PST)
* [http://landsbank.fo/#hCard Landsbanki Føroya]
** INVALID - using embedded RDF/XML invalidly
* [http://www.bath.ac.uk/contact/ University of Bath] Person Finder results are encoded with hCards so you can easily create a vCard from any result.
** ERROR - attempt to use Implied-N optimization where that's not possible. --[[User:RyanKing|RyanKing]] 14:29, 5 Jan 2006 (PST)
** Error appears for external users only. Won't be fixed any time soon. -- [[User:PhilWilson|PhilWilson]] 00:03, 28 Jan 2006 (GMT)
** '''suboptimal''' - has honorific-prefix as part of fn -- [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]] 09:00, 3 Sep 2007 (PDT)
* [http://www.yellowpencil.com/contact/ Yellow Pencil] Using microformats to present company contact information
** First hcard has empty "fn" and no "n". "fn" should be with "org" -- [[User: ScottReynen |ScottReynen]] 21:29, 19 Jun 2006 (CST)
Please add new examples to the *top* of this section.
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