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== Issues ==
== Issues ==

* {{OpenIssue}} 2007-01-11 raised by [http://www.w3.org/People/DanC DanC] (recorded by [[RyanKing]])
<div class="vevent">
*# ''We Don't have tests for class="vcardDooDad"'' [http://rbach.priv.at/Microformats-IRC/2007-01-11#T182306]
* {{OpenIssue}} <span class="summary vcard"><span class="dtstart">2007-01-11</span> raised by <span class="fn">[http://www.w3.org/People/DanC DanC]</span>(recorded by [[RyanKing]])</span>
<div class="description">
*# We Don't have tests for class="vcardDooDad" [http://rbach.priv.at/Microformats-IRC/2007-01-11#T182306]
<div class="vevent">
* {{OpenIssue}} <span class="summary vcard"><span class="dtstart">2007-01-22</span> raised by <span class="fn">Mike Sammuel</span> [http://microformats.org/discuss/mail/microformats-dev/2007-January/000213.html] (recorded by Ryan King).</span>
<div class="description">
*# Mis-written organizer properties in iCal files
*#* 'ORGANIZER;MAILTO:jsmith at host.com' should be 'ORGANIZER:MAILTO:jsmith at host.com'
*#* 'ATTENDEE;RSVP=TRUE:MAILTOjsmith at host1.com' should be 'ATTENDEE;RSVP=TRUE:MAILTO:jsmith at host1.com'

== Template ==
== Template ==
Please use this format (copy and paste this to the end of the list to add your issues):
* {{OpenIssue}} YYYY-MM-DD raised by [http://yourhomepage.example.com YOURNAME].
*# ''Issue 1: Here is the first issue I have.''
*# ''Issue 2: Here is the second issue I have.''

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Test Issues

This page is for tracking issues (both defects and suggested improvements) with the parsing tests. See http://microformats.org/tests/ for the published (stable tests) and http://hg.microformats.org/tests for the works in progress.

Editor: Ryan King


    1. We Don't have tests for class="vcardDooDad" [1]
  • open issue! 2007-01-22 raised by Mike Sammuel [2] (recorded by Ryan King).
    1. Mis-written organizer properties in iCal files


Consider using this format (copy and paste this to the end of the list to add your issues; replace ~~~ with an external link if preferred) to report issues or feedback, so that issues can show up in hAtom subscriptions of this issues page. If open issues lack this markup, please add it.

Please post one issue per entry, to make them easier to manage. Avoid combining multiple issues into single reports, as this can confuse or muddle feedback, and puts a burden of separating the discrete issues onto someone else who 1. may not have the time, and 2. may not understand the issue in the same way as the original reporter.

<div class="hentry">
<span class="entry-summary author vcard">
 <span class="published">2011-MM-DD</span> 
 raised by <span class="fn">~~~</span>
<div class="entry-content discussion issues">
* <strong class="entry-title">«Short title of issue»</strong>. «Description of Issue»
** Follow-up comment #1
** Follow-up comment #2