This Fortnight in Microformats – March 17th–30th

‘This Week in Microformats’ is a summary of notable microformats activity from the mailing lists, wiki, events and the wider web.

On the wiki

  • New profiles have been produced for more microformats. These can be optionally placed in the head element of a page to indicate the use of particular microformats.
  • We’ve reorganised the wiki todo list, so it should be clearer to see what we’re all working towards. 

On the µf-Discuss mailing list

On the µf-New mailing list

  • Work on hListing is going to resume shortly — Anyone interesting in marking up listings for classifieds and product listings

On the web

This fortnight’s bulletin was put together with contributions from Frances Berriman, Toby Inkster, Tantek Çelik and Gerald Bauer. To contribute to the next issue, please edit the this-week-2008-03-31 wiki page. Thanks!

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