Month: July 2009

microformatsDevCamp this weekend!

At our recent 4th birthday party, we started planning the first microformatsDevCamp — and we’re glad to report that it’s come together quite nicely!

Developers, designers, and all sorts of other microfolk are welcome to pitch in during this coming weekend, July 25-26, at one extremely cool venue: Automattic HQ, off of Pier 38 on the Embarcadero in San Francisco.

We began raising support for this event by collecting individual donations at the birthday party — thanks again to Object AdjectiveRibbit, and Spinn3r for their generous support of that event! We’re going to continue that at the microformatsDevCamp with a suggested donation of $20, which will also get you one of our limited-edition commemorative T-shirts!

Automattic HQ on the Embarcadero
Automattic HQ

In addition to Automattic’s offer to host the event, we’re currently seeking sponsors for the DevCamp itself, particularly for food and drinks. In keeping with our informal structure, we’re encouraging sponsors to pay for items directly; for example, Cindy Li is providing buttons and Object Adjective is bringing stickers. Our latest confirmed sponsor is CommerceNet, a long-standing partner that’s underwriting the opening night dinner.

Please ask your employers and other sponsors to join in — they can contact me, the “sponsor wrangler,” directly as rohit at khare dot org. We’re expecting 30-50 developers to join in, so even as little as $250 can have a real impact towards creating new tools, new applications, and new user interfaces for microformats!

And, of course, sign-up to participate by adding your name and interests to the  microformatsDevCamp wiki page!