[uf-dev] Reusing hCalendar events

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Fri May 4 10:16:59 PDT 2007

We need, I feel, an in-browser hCalendar parser which "collects" one or
more events from a web page, remembers them, and allows the user to
output them according to a number of pre- or user- defined templates, so
that they can be easily reused.

The creation of such templates, by users, should be made as simple as

Those templates might include wiki format, CSV, and (X)HTML code in the
form used by the user's website, for inclusion in that website.

By way of a model, consider the way Zotero:


parses, saves and outputs COinS citations (and, incidentally, could do
so for a citation microformat); or how the "CopyURL+" extension for


does (or did) so for URLs and related text:


This could be a new parser, or additional functionality in Operator. I'd
be happy to expand on this and do testing, if someone fancies having a
crack at coding it.

Andy Mabbett
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