[uf-dev] hAtom atomic tests

Ben Wiley Sittler bsittler at gmail.com
Wed May 30 17:11:57 PDT 2007

nice! i have tried a few of the tests, and intend to try more.

i notice the tests use the same interpretation of "concatenation" as
hAtom2Atom.xsl, but that's an issue for discussion on the list and/or
wiki, not a bug.

On 5/30/07, Ryan King <ryan at technorati.com> wrote:
> As hinted at by a previous email[1], I'm starting to organize our
> test suite into something with a bit more structure.
> hAtom is currently on my plate for implementation, so I'm focusing on
> that. I just pushed a changeset[2] to the mercurial respository that
> adds some atomic tests for hAtom [3].
> Please give feedback if you have any suggestions for improvements.
> -ryan
> 1. http://microformats.org/discuss/mail/microformats-dev/2007-May/
> 000325.html
> 2. http://hg.microformats.org/tests?
> cmd=changeset;node=ef2a531a19ac;style=gitweb
> 3. Atomic tests for hAtom were actually pretty hard to write. Atomic
> tests should be as simple and isolated as possible, but it turns out
> that Atom has some non-trivial requirements for creating valid
> documents.
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