[uf-dev] XFN needs a tool for recommending users to help link to blog posts

Ankit Dangi dangiankit at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 02:30:37 PDT 2008

Hi XFN Mates,

As per my understanding of XFN, I feel, it allows the owner of the blog to
link to his/her friend's blog. Probably, that's what XFN stands for too. It
seems to be a manual task. And, also not full-proof. My reasons are
mentioned below.

There are three things which I see, in concern to XFN, they are - a blog,
blog posts, and a blog roll. As far as my understanding has developed over
years, a blog is a container for blog posts, and blog roll. On the blog, the
user links to his/her friend's blog via blog roll, but might also link to
his/her friend's specific blog post, in his/her own blog post.

We add XFN to the blog roll, and NOT to the blog post, of course we can!
(Refer: http://gmpg.org/xfn/faq). But, if we seriously want the Friends
Network to be strong enough, then, I see, a need for a tool which shall
detect the user's friends URL (as matching against the ones at the blog
roll), from the user's blog posts, and recommend the user to update those
links, and add XFN accordingly. The user, then, has a choice to, add XFN to
those links too, of which there are higher chances that those links go

*The key idea is to recommend the user (that XFN is applicable, and useful)
of/to any link that he/she is making to his/her friend's blog
post.*Probably, using which, similar blog posts could be identified,
from a
friend's group, and they might be able to collaborate, in a better way.
Adding the true sense, to the XHTML Friends Network (XFN).

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Ankit Dangi
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