[uf-dev] HTML5 Time element support and test cases

Tantek Çelik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Sun Aug 15 11:35:29 PDT 2010

2010/8/15 André Luís <andreluis.pt at gmail.com>:
> Glenn,
> thanks for this. :)
> Btw:
>>  <time class="bday" datetime="2007-05-01T21:30">1 June 2007</time>
> It's a tiny detail, but you're writing June to the user and specifying
> May (05) in the @datetime... The parser reads it correctly, but I
> don't think you meant for that disparity, though.
> Just a heads up... :)

Thanks Glenn and André for demonstrating/noting a real world example
of the problem of DRY violation.

Even with the values right next to each other - it's too easy to get them wrong.

This is good timing (so to speak).

I recently wrote up a bunch of suggested improvements for the <time>
element on the WHATWG wiki, both to help reduce such occurrences of
DRY violation, and to work better with microformats in general.

Much of this has been adapting the design and experience we have with
the Value Class Pattern to the <time> element.


I've also made a bunch of additional proposals to expand the <time>
element to allow for additional granularities of dates as well - to
help encourage it's use with more time microformatted data:


I encourage everyone to please take a look at these proposals, edit
the wiki, and add your opinions, use-cases, etc.

Let's improve HTML5 so that it works even better with microformats.



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