[uf-dev] H2VX.com with HTML5 support source posted to microformats github repository - please review

Tantek Çelik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Mon Jan 9 00:02:14 PST 2012

Last year we setup github.com/microformats as a public organization
and I've gone ahead and posted the latest source to h2vx.com (running
live on dev.h2vx.com)


This includes code for site UI, HTML, JS, PHP, and the latest X2V
XSLTs for hCards and hCalendar events that handle among other things
the HTML5 time element (as well as some support for HTML5 semantic
elements in general).

Please take a look.

http://dev.h2vx.com has been running quite well for over a year now
with stable code, and I was about to push it live to h2vx.com to get
the HTML5 support out to a broader audience but I figured why not
first publish the code for review (for all the usual open source
quality reasons).



P.S. As other microformats open source tools/libraries stabilize and
are shared we'll figure out how to put them on the microformats github
as well.

http://tantek.com/ - I made an HTML5 tutorial! http://tantek.com/html5

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