[uf-discuss] Subscription lists in XOXO

Danny Ayers danny.ayers at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 04:06:45 PST 2005

Big apologies if I missed it, but I was wondering if there was already
a preferred way of expressing aggregator subscription lists in XHTML.
I found an example for simple link lists, but am not sure about the
best way of expressing what in OPML would look like:

<outline text="A Blog"

I had a fiddle at [1], my crack at the bit in question looking like this:

<ul>A Blog
       <a href="http://example.org/page.html">homepage</a>
       <a href="http://example.org/feed.rss" type="application/xml">feed</a>

Les Orchard's had a fiddle at [2], his version:

<li class="rss">
    <a class="xmlUrl" type="application/xml"
    <a class="htmlUrl" href="http://example.org/page.html" title="A
Blog">A Blog</a>

I think Les has it much closer to what's needed, the use of class
seems wise. But is this a list of URIs? Definitions? I dunno. Another
question would be how to extend this, if for example there was a
description of the feed available too (check Les' OPML source -
there's description and a few more attributes in there).

When it comes to parsing the stuff, it would be nice to have a common
convention ;-)


[1] http://dannyayers.com/archives/2005/11/30/going-to-the-hub/#subs
[2] http://decafbad.com/blog/2005/12/01/feedrolls-in-xoxo-from-opml-via-xslt-and-url-line-magic



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