[uf-discuss] is there microformat / uri scheme for referncing book parts (content)? (Bible ref's)

brian suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 15:06:24 PST 2005

I know what you are asking for, but there is a bigger problem with
Biblical text. It is NOT well formed[1]. You can not make an XML
representation of a bible verse. There are references that span two
paragraphs, therefore it is not possible todo something like:
<p> text text text <span class="part1"> text text</p>
<p>text text text</span><span class="part2"> text text text</span></p>

This is not well-formed, but very common.

That said, there is a citation format in the works[2], this will allow
for the ability to cite page, etc. Bible chapter, paragraph, verse were
not in the original idea, but could make there way in depending on other

Have you looked into how other formats, Dublin Core, etc. handle this?
or can/do they?


[1] -
[2] - http://microformats.org/wiki/cite

Simon Kittle wrote:

>So, I have read a bit on the wiki and can't find an answer to the above
>question so I thought I'd post it.  What I'd like is a way to reference
>specific sections of a book down to chapter, paragraph, verse, etc.
>Actually, what I'm after is a specific instance of this (funnily enough it
>doesn't seem that the more general case would be much use) in that I want a
>scheme / microformat for specifying Bible versse or passages.  Bible verses
>are obviously well referenced in both online and offline world but there
>isn't a defacto standard for marking them up. (that I could find, anyone?)
>It's definitely a cowpath in the sense that Bible verses are quoted all over
>the web (so qualifies for the term microformat in that sense) on Christian
>sites but also on many a blog, news sites - anywhere there is a chance of
>the Bible being mentioned.  
>It's common for people to quote Bible verses in part, giving the reference
>along side so a way to know it is a Bible reference and automatically look
>up the appropriate verse, previous and next, etc, etc would be a valueable
>tool.  Also, often when verses are quoted in full there is often need to
>view / access different translations, etc so there would be some extremely
>useful applications that could use such a scheme as well as the general
>advantages that always come with marking something up semantically.
>It wouldn't take a lot I don't think, something along the lines of
>class="BibleRef" would probably suffice making the following possible:
><span class="BibleRef">Psalm 46:10</span>
><abbr class="BibleRef" title="Psalm 46:10">Ps 46:10</abbr>
>- Simon
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