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On 12/2/05, Benjamin Carlyle <benjamincarlyle at optusnet.com.au> wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-12-02 at 22:04 -0800, Charles Iliya Krempeaux wrote:
> > In HTML the <address> element can be used to specify the author of a
> > document.  So, you could combine an <address> element with a hCard and
> > do something like:
> >     <address class="vcard">
> >         <span class="fn">Benjmain Carlyle</span>
> >     </address>
> Couldn't address mean something else, though? Perhaps identifying the
> person this page is about rather than its author? Wouldn't using dublin
> core be more specific?

Here's something I found here: http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/html3/address.html

    The ADDRESS element specifies such information as address,
signature and authorship for the current document...

The problem is that the <address> element by itself is only human
readable (and not machine readable).  (Which is why things like dublin
core are sometimes useful... they made it so things were machine
readable too.)  However, the <address> element combined with and hCard
brings in the "machine readable" part,... so that an <address> element
combined with an hCard is both human readable and machine readable.

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