[uf-discuss] ninentdo mario kart DS microformat

Mr Michael Wiechers whoisstan at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 3 16:36:41 PST 2005

  I like microformats. I had a microformat idea and wanted to run that by  you to see if that this makes sense. I play Mario Kart on my Nintendo  DS a lot, it allows you to play online with your friends. A friend is  added to the system by entering a code, every person has a code. 
  Right now I just have the code on my personal website:
  http://www.merkwelt.com/people/stan/   (first thing under whoisstan)
  So I was thinking of replacing:
  <li> <img.../>390901938389</li>
  <li><img .../><span class="marioKartDS">390901938389</span></li>
  Does that make sense, so I stumble over a personal website with that  code I could have a bunch of games with that person. What I'm not clear  on is how an application/robot could make sense of that? Say I would be  using the geocode microformat as well and the "cuisine" microformat I  would be able to find people that like vietnamese cuisine, live in new  york and have a mario kart DS. Which kind of application do the  aggregation and would allow me to run a query like that?
  Stan Wiechers

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