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On 12/6/05, Charles Iliya Krempeaux <supercanadian at gmail.com> wrote:


> So, the orthogonal concepts here seem like:
>   * there's the concept of a "preview" image.  (maybe thumbnail would
> be a better name.)
>   * there's the concept of a "show"
>   * there's the concept of a "teaser"
>   * If it is a teaser there is a "Pay to View" link
>   * show can divided up into multiple contiguous files
>   * teaser can be made up of multiple files
>   * alternatives of the same media
>   * you can combine all these

(Some more things to add.)

  * there's the concept of a "clip"
  * there's the concept of the "media file".  (What the <a> tag's
"href" points to)

> Did I miss anything?


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