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On 12/6/05, Charles Iliya Krempeaux <supercanadian at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> On 12/6/05, Charles Iliya Krempeaux <supercanadian at gmail.com> wrote:
> [...]
> > So, the orthogonal concepts here seem like:
> >   * there's the concept of a "preview" image.  (maybe thumbnail would
> > be a better name.)
> >   * there's the concept of a "show"
> >   * there's the concept of a "teaser"
> >   * If it is a teaser there is a "Pay to View" link
> >   * show can divided up into multiple contiguous files
> >   * teaser can be made up of multiple files
> >   * alternatives of the same media
> >   * you can combine all these
> (Some more things to add.)
>   * there's the concept of a "clip"
>   * there's the concept of the "media file".  (What the <a> tag's
> "href" points to)

This is probably the foundation of it all -- the "media file".  So, to
mark something as being media, you could do something like:

    <a class="media" href="clip.mpeg">watch this</a>

However, if you want to attach metadata to the media file (beyond what
the <a> tag lets you do) then you might do something like the

    <span class="media">
        <img class="preview" src="preview.png" />
        <a class="reference" href="clip.mpeg">MPEG</a>
        <div class="description">description goes here</div>
        <a href="text">text version goes here... useful to the deaf
and for searching and indexing</a>

Note, I'm NOT trying to enumerate all the metadata that can be
associated with a "media".  There's already been some work on this

Also, I'm not trying to name these class names either.  Just thinking out loud.

So, going back to the simple example again, it would be better to have it as:

    <a class="media reference" href="clip.mpeg">watch this</a>

It's just a compact version of and the simplest version of the other form.

And going through all those examples I listed before....  (Note, in
the end, more microformats are needed for this, but for right now, I'm
just apply the "media" stuff to it.)

Here's the first one that's just a bit more complex (and very very common):

    <a class="media reference" href="clip.mpeg"><img class="preview"
src="preview.png" /></a>

The next one is basically the same:

    <a class="media reference" href="teaser.mpeg"><img class="preview"
src="preview.png" /></a>

    <a href="http://example.com/go">Pay to View</a>

Note, the "Pay to View" part of it didn't even get affected by this
microformat.  (Although in the final show microformat it needs to.  It
needs to get "marked".  And we need to bind all this together.)

For the third one:

    <a class="media reference" href="clip-1.mpg"><img class="preview" 
src="preview-1.png" /></a>

    <a class="media reference" href="clip-2.mpg"><img class="preview" 
src="preview-2.png" /></a>

    <a class="media reference" href="clip-3.mpg"><img class="preview" 
src="preview-3.png" /></a>

Note, there's just 3 completely separate media's here.  (Although in
the final show microformat they need to be bound together.  And it
needs to tell you that there is an order to these.  And it needs to
tell you that together they make up a show.)

For the forth one, it's alot like the last one:

    <a class="media reference" href="clip-blue.mpg"><img
class="preview" src="preview-blue.png" /></a>

    <a class="media reference" href="clip-red.mpg"><img
class="preview" src="preview-red.png" /></a>

    <a class="media reference" href="clip-green.mpg"><img
class="preview" src="preview-green.png" /></a>

    <a href="http://example.com/go">Pay to View</a>

Again, the "Pay to View" link didn't even get addressed.  (Although in
the final show microformat it needs to.  And we need to bind this all

And for the fifth and final use case I listed before, it becomes:

    <img src="preview.png" />
    <a class="media reference" href="clip.mpg">MPEG</a>
    <a class="media reference" href="clip.ogm">Ogg</a>
    <a class="media reference" href="clip.avi">AVI</a>

Note that in this case the "preview" isn't bound to any particular
media and isn't even marked as being such.  (In the final show
microformat it needs to be, but we also need something to contain all
this in to bind it all together.)

The rest of the Show Microformat would be built on top of this.


See ya

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