[uf-discuss] rel Link browser extention

kenny heaton kennyheaton at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 14:37:08 PST 2005

There was discussion of a navigation tool bar like the one in Opera
for quick access to links in the rel="home" discussion. I since I
couldn't find any existing extensions, I was thinking about making
one, so I did.


It's a tool bar modeled after the one in Opera, but it also has a link
for rel-license and a "Tags" button that opens a sidebar which
displays all the rel-tag links on the page. I plan on adding more
microformats related to the rel attribute including a sidebar for XFN.

If something like this is already out there let me know so I don't
duplicate someone else work. Check it out if your interested and let
me know any suggestions or bugs, but be nice, it's my first extension.
(works in Flock too). I'll get a page up later with more info and what
else I plan for it later.


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