[uf-discuss] How to Announce the Availability of New Media Content with uf?

toydi teohuiming.work at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 07:43:47 PST 2005

Hi Jeff,

On 12/12/05, Jeff Harrington <jeff at parnasse.com> wrote:
> I've proposed at my blog, htttp://beepsnort.org a use of del.iciou.us
> tags to help in this process - (A Proposal for Announcing New Music
> Recordings on the Net http://beepsnort.org/archives/000402.html)

Inspiring way to make use of delicious. ;-) About the "notes", AFAIK,
del.iciou.us let users to add "notes" to the bookmark. In your case,
the first bookmark creator (should be the mp3 owner) can supply
his/her notes, and the following users' notes can be consider as

> Is there an implicit announcement mechanism built in already that I'm
> missing?  Any research projects about how to 'announce'?  I'm looking
> for practical solutions for the thousands of online musicians.

iTunes RSS Spec. [1] Any reason you need a microformat to announce the
new songs? RSS/ATOM syndication & aggregation has created an almost
complete ecosystem for announcement purpose.

Besides "announce to discover", is it possible to use Microformat Base
or Google Base to make submission and provide "search to discover"?

[1] http://phobos.apple.com/static/iTunesRSS.html

> I'm thinking at the moment of tying in my del.icio.us tag announcement
> with a discovery mechanism through uf's.

An example about the "discovery mechanism through uf's" ?

Teo HuiMing (toydi)

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