[uf-discuss] Structured Blogging now supports microformats...

Phillip Pearson pp at myelin.co.nz
Tue Dec 13 05:56:04 PST 2005

Hey guys,

A quick heads-up... this evening in San Francisco, the new Structured 
Blogging plugins (for Wordpress and Movable Type) are going to be 
officially announced.

SB is changing quite a bit.  The key thing is that it now supports 

v1.0pre8, which will be available on structuredblogging.org sometime 
this/Tuesday morning (Eastern time), currently outputs:

- hReview (for reviews)
- hCalendar (for events)
- hCard (for people / group showcases)
- XOXO (for lists)
- relLicense (for media)

We're also planning on putting these in over the next few days...

- XFN (for lists / blogrolls)
- relTag (all over the place)
- relHome (in the blog


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