[uf-discuss] RFC: Using <img>'s alt attribute for Microformats

Charles Iliya Krempeaux supercanadian at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 12:47:27 PST 2005


While I've been reseaching the stuff for the show microformat --
http://microformats.org/wiki/show-brainstorming -- I've noticed that
many sites put their show's title in an image.  So then, the
machine-readable part would be the "alt" attribute of the image.

I think this -- using images instead of plain text -- is probably
common enough that other microformats should also allow use of this.

For example, for a "microshow" (which a spec isn't written for yet,
and I'm still brainstorming) you can do something like the following
to specify a show's title:

    <div class="show">

        <span class="title">My Show</span>


But you could also do:

    <div class="show">

        <img class="title" src="..." alt="My Show" />


For this case the show's title (in machine-readable form) would be
what's in the alt attribute.  (The "alt" attribute is even more
important since an <img> element can NOT contain text, even if you
wanted it to.)

So, maybe hCard's, hReview's, etc should allow this too?  For example:

    <address class="vcard">
        <img class="fn" src="my-name-in-styled-lettering.png"
alt="Charles Iliya Krempeaux" />

(And, yeah, I know this would give the problem that would can't add
the sub-structure to the "fn" that hCard's allow.  But you could
always break it up into multiple images if you wanted.  And at least
then you'd support this very common practice.)


See ya

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