[uf-discuss] Relevant tags in hReview

Vinay Pulim viny at MIT.EDU
Thu Dec 15 07:13:28 PST 2005

Hi, I'm working on an hreview aggregator (http://kritx.com) and had a question
about how to properly handle tags.  Specifically, the Cafe Borrone example in
the hReview wiki contains numerous reltags.  However, some of them (food,
ambience, service, and price) don't really describe the business, but rather
different types of ratings associated with the business.  If an hReview
aggregator were to simply tag a review with every reltag it contained, it would
contain a mix of tags describing the actual item being reviewed (coffee, jazz,
sandwich, etc...) as well as tags describing the various ratings associated
with it (price, ambience, etc...).  Is this how reltags within hReviews were
intended to be parsed?  That is, should rating tags show up alongside item tags
when an hReview is displayed?

I think the answer is "yes", but I just wanted to make sure I'm understanding
this correctly.


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