[uf-discuss] Relevant tags in hReview

Vinay Pulim viny at MIT.EDU
Thu Dec 15 14:46:12 PST 2005

Quoting Ryan King <ryan at technorati.com>:

>> That is, should rating tags show up  alongside item tags
>> when an hReview is displayed?
> Honestly, this is up to you. If you think it makes sense to show them 
>  together, go for it.
> The two kinds of tags are subtly different, but not so different that 
>  you can't collapse them, if you wanted to.

I understand.  Without any standard markup to differentiate between the 
two uses
of the reltag, the parser would have to make some assumptions when 
inferring the
reltag's target.

Perhaps we could tie rating specific tags into the new rating format suggested
in an earlier thread for hReview 0.3:

<p class="rating">
On Fred's <span class="best">4</span><a 
rel="tag">ICBM</a> scale, I give this a <span

 From this structure, it is clear that the tag "ICBM" is referring to 
the rating
and not the item.

Anyway, thanks for your response Ryan.  I'll just assume all tags refer to the
item for now.


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