[uf-discuss] Re: [Structuredblogging-discuss] microformat for books in a library catalog

brian suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 14:39:20 PST 2005

Ryan Cannon wrote:

>I've actually been looking at this problem from another angle, and
>considered submitting a microformat about it. What we're really looking
>for is not solely citation data (such as ISBN), but bibliographic
>information. Perhaps a good method for starting is to break down the
>relevant information from accepted academic bibliography formats (MLA,
>APA, Chicago) and synthesize proper class names based on that data.
I see a citation and a reference as almost one and the same thing. I
know the lines are bluring as more data is on the web so your references
points to the document itself.

One thing i am working on, is how to use the same data that describe a
citation for both the current page and the list of references. So you
could say class="title" and people would know that it is the that is the
title of THIS page, and then use class="title" inside a
class="bibliography" to show that it is the title of that biblographic
citation. It is still a work in progress.

MLA, APA, and Chicago are way to display the data, the underlying
properties are the same.

This citation format is also going to be rolled into the Resume
microformat, so any publications, papers, etc, will be marked-up in this

if anyone is intersted please read http://www.microformats.org/wiki/cite
and see if what you want is either already in there, or can be added.

I know there has been alot of talk about a television microformat, IMHO
i think that is just a very specialised version of a citation
microformat, with additional specialised fields.



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