[uf-discuss] "parental guidance" Microformat?

Frederic de Villamil neuro at 7el.net
Fri Dec 23 06:04:00 PST 2005

Hi list,
I was lately thinking about a way to tell the most accurate way that a
link points to a page with content not suitable for people under a
certain age, such as porn, violence... the list should be long.
This reflexion came after a French law was voted that force Internet
providers to provide a parental control tool to every user. I think
having a microformat doing that sort of thing would greatly help those
tools to work, much more than page content analysis which is not always

I've been thinking about vote-links, and I'm wondering why we could not
use rev="pg13" or rev="pg16" in links the way we use vote-for and 
vote-against in vote links.

It would give something like this:
<a href="http://www.example.com" rev="pg13" title="not suitable for
people under 13">some page</a>

Was my 2 cents of reflexion about it.
Merry Xmas to all,
Frederic / neuro

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