[uf-discuss] hAtom draft - class="title"

David Janes -- BlogMatrix davidjanes at blogmatrix.com
Wed Dec 28 14:28:50 PST 2005

Paul Bryson wrote:
> "David Janes -- BlogMatrix" wrote...
>> Nice. I just discovered a bug in my parser that screwed up the title 
>> nesting. Here's [1] the new and improved version.
> Does your parser fill the Author from the hCard's FN/NICKNAME field?  I am 
> curious if it would, given that the hCard should be opaque, but it is also 
> the Author.

The "author" is opaque in that hAtom is not looking for further hAtom 
elements within that element. However, hAtom does know that this element 
is a hCard and parses it as a hCard.

Regards, etc...

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