[uf-discuss] User Profile Microformat

Kevin Lawver kevin at lawver.net
Fri Dec 30 12:44:03 PST 2005

I was looking at hCard today (and around the web) looking for ideas 
around a user profile microformat.   I went looking for existing schema, 
and honestly didn't find a whole lot.  There's PIDF[1], but it's for 
presence.  There's hCard, but it doesn't hold all the things you see in 
social networking sites' profiles (interests, favorites, marital status, 
looking for, personal descriptions, etc).  Some of those things 
(interests and favorites especially) could be accomplished with 
attentionxml, but there doesn't seem to be anything about profiles (or a 
page on the wiki for that matter).

Is there any interest from the list?

Also, our site showing off our module (widget) microformat should be 
launching next week.  I'll send the url to the list when it does.

[1] http://xml.coverpages.org/pidf.html


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