[microformats-discuss] Microformats in BBEdit Glossary

Nathan Steiner nathan at twinsparc.com
Sun Oct 2 22:22:19 PDT 2005

# Intro
I've made a little BBEdit glossary of Microformats (just hcard,  
hcalendar, and hreview at the moment) that I thought might be helpful  
to other HTMLers out there who wish to use Microformats efficiently  
in their workflow. To generate the code used in my snippets I used  
the -o-matic tools at microformats.org and inserted generic starter  
text (e.g. 123 address, city). The resulting glossary allows me to  
simply drag n' drop a microformat into my HTML and customize to my  

## Request for a quick review
I was thinking that I'd share my little glossary for other HTMLers  
that like to use BBEdit, but I wanted to pass it by the experts here  
at this list in the hopes of avoiding any accidental sharing of bad  
practice or less than preferable methodology.

Regardless of if you have BBEdit, the files can be opened in any text  
editor to see the snippet that *would* be inserted if installed. If  
you have BBEdit, install instructions are included in the zip. Here's  
where they can be retrieved (11 KB):

Thanks in advance for anyone who has the time to check this out and  
give me the thumbs up/down.
Nate Steiner

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